ELIS Technologies



ELIS Technologies

ELIS Technologies manufactures unique drones and hand-held devices for measuring leaks from geomembranes. These activities have been known for a long time and are legally binding. Every operator of a building, landfill, or water tank is obliged to carry out these leak measurements in order to prevent an ecological disaster, when toxins can reach the soil, groundwater, or rooms under the roof of the building.

The client was interested in creating a presentation film in which the founders will talk about the advantages of their equipment compared to the competition. We filmed for 6 days in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and the result was an 8-minute corporate film from which those interested in a modern measurement solution can learn how the technology works, what types of measurements the technology is suitable for and who is behind the ELIS project.

Lukáš Teren and Slavomír Kralovič took care of the direction, Lukáš Teren was behind the camera. Post-production was carried out at Fullframe s.r.o.