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A complete production company that connects the client with his idea.

A short story

The company Fullframe s.r.o. was founded by producer Slavomír Kralovič in 2014, the portfolio is largely made up of online spots, sponsorship links, TV shows, mini documentaries and TVC spots. The company Fullframe s.r.o. underwent significant personnel and ideological changes in the years 2015-2020 and currently acts as a strong partner in the realization of audiovisual projects to order with a complete production and post-production chain.

Showreel 2022

Showreel 2015

Own creation

Music Made in Slovakia

About Project

Music made in Slovakia – Fullframe s.r.o. produced a series of mini-documentary episodes in four years 2016-2019 delivered for public television RTVS. Thanks to the cooperation with television, we had the opportunity to work with a high-quality selection of performers and business partners, which contributed to raising the quality of content and visuals from year to year.

Own creation

Libertas film

About Project

The full-length documentary film Libertas is a probe into the world of crypto-technologies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Using the stories of innovators, experimenters, successful entrepreneurs, academics, and statements of skeptics, representatives of state and financial institutions, economists and scientists, it tries to clarify the topic of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, the financial system and digital freedom to ordinary people. It is looking for answers to the questions of how these technologies work, what advantages they bring, what impact their widespread expansion can have for society and individuals, and why it is important to be interested in them. Social injustice and the incompetence of our state representatives have polarized our society for a long time. Some people have decided to minimize the negative impact of the state and financial institutions on their lives with the help of crypto-technologies. Others shape successful companies and move development forward. However, many resist these technologies. No matter how you view them, one thing is certain: in the coming decades, their true potential will be revealed.